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Sabina's Celiac Story
Sabina's Celiac Story
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Sabina's Celiac Story


“If you can’t eat gluten… or nuts… or dairy,
You might think that food can sometimes be scary.
Sabina, though, hopes that this book can help you
Know eating safe foods is possible to do!”

This true rhyming story is about Sabina, a regular kid with mysterious symptoms. Her doctor treats some of her symptoms, but the root of the problem remains a mystery. Later, Sabina’s grandmother is diagnosed with celiac disease. This prompts Sabina’s mother (the author) to get her blood tested, and she is eventually diagnosed with celiac disease as well. Last but not least, it’s Sabina’s turn, and the mystery of her ailments is finally resolved: she has celiac disease.

Now she must learn what gluten is and how to avoid it in her diet in order to heal her body and stay healthy. She and her family learn to shop for safe, gluten-free foods. They rid their kitchen of gluten-containing foods as well as containers and utensils that can’t be cleaned easily, such as those made of plastic or wood, and gadgets with lots of crevices where gluten can cling.

Finally, Sabina learns to navigate the world beyond her home so that she can eat in restaurants, at school, friends’ homes, and parties. She becomes competent at reading labels and helps her mother research products whose labels are not clearly marked gluten free. She also learns to prevent her gluten-free food from coming into contact with gluten since even the smallest crumb can make her sick. By the end of the story, Sabina has learned to eat safely and is healthy and happy.

Sabina’s Celiac Story is a great read in all homes, libraries, and classrooms to help everyone understand how to keep their friends or family members safe and healthy. It's a must-read for children diagnosed with celiac disease, but kids with food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, or any type of dietary restriction will also see similarities in how celiacs avoid gluten, as concerns of cross-contact are similar.

Sabina’s story is a fun way for kids (and grownups) to learn about celiac disease and what it’s like to eat gluten free. The questions and answers at the end of the book help readers young and old learn even more about celiac disease. Don't be surprised when kids want to read it again and again!

Sabina's Celiac Story


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