FREE CONTINENTAL U.S. SHIPPING on orders of $89 or more!

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A Word About Shipping

Huge e-tailers have gotten all of us used to Free Shipping. But "Free Shipping" is anything but free.

When you buy something online, a very sophisticated, intricately orchestrated system of computers and warehouses and humans and robots and trucks and packaging and more humans driving more trucks comes together--at considerable cost--to deliver your order to your door. Billions of dollars of infrastructure working around the clock, to get you what you want as soon as possible. 

Here at gfJules, we've gone to great lengths to offer you the fastest shipping at the best prices. We hope you view those prices as the valuable service this To-Your-Door Delivery really is.

Yes, we offer Free Shipping too, on orders of $89 or more, which simply means that we take part of our hard-earned profit and pay your shipping for you (in exchange for you loading up on our awesome products). Not ordering $89 today: don't despair at an $10 or $13 fee for this amazing logistical system to deliver our very heavy products to you. Be glad it's there for you. And remember the convenience those dollars really are buying. :-)

Estimating Your Shipping Charges

Shipping estimates are based on orders received and paid for before 3:00pm ET. We ship those orders the SAME DAY we receive them--to do our part in getting the world's best gluten free products on their way to you. We offer international shipping, and, as you can imagine, it's pricey. But play around with putting different numbers of products in your cart to see where the sweet spot it. Our rates (to Canada especially) have come down substantially since the beginning of 2021. NOTE: duties & customs are the buyer's responsibility--we simply can gauge how much (if anything) a given order will be seems very arbitrary.

To estimate your shipping costs, load up your cart with yum-o gfJules products and proceed to Checkout where you'll see the options you have.

One Last Note: We can't offer Expedited Shipping or Next Day Shipping to PO boxes, military addresses, or to Alaska or Hawaii. We will use standard shipping for these addresses (5-8 business day transit time).


Want to Order by Phone?

We're 'standing by,' as they say, and are always happy to talk to good gluten-free folks. If you'd rather order by phone, by all means call us. If you have a question about your order, you'll be best served using the email form on this page. 

Order by Phone:  410-744-1845