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  • Rolling Pin Covers

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Keep Your Dough From Sticking

Jules’ trick? These little covers!

  • 100% cotton
  • Set of 2 (rolling pin not included)
  • Covers hold flour to prevent sticking
  • Stretches to fit any rolling pin size
  • Washable
  • Order with gfJules Flour for 1-package delivery convenience

Make Jules’ Rolling Pin Covers Yours!

One of the most frequent questions Jules fields at in-person cooking demonstrations is what that ‘thing’ is covering her rolling pin. It’s the secret to keeping doughs from sticking to your rolling pin. And they’re called rolling pin covers, aptly enough! 

These 100% cotton covers stretch to fit any size rolling pin. A quick roll through some gfJules Gluten Free Flour fills the cover with flour, which prevents the dough you’re rolling out from sticking to the pin. Keep the cover loaded up with flour throughout your preparation, and it’ll go a lot faster because you’ll be able to quickly roll out the dough you’re working with, without it tearing or sticking.

This set of rolling pin covers includes two washable covers, so you’ll always have one at the ready. No kitchen, gluten free or otherwise, should be without this simple addition. Rolling pin covers speed up prep time, and increase your enjoyment–which will keep you coming back to make more and more of your foods, which is the best way to eat!


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