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Rolling Out a Crust? Take it Easy!

14-inch pie crust bag prevents sticking, reduces contamination concerns and helps you transfer the perfect crust!

  • Lightly flour inside of bag
  • Put dough into bag and zip closed
  • Roll out to desired diameter
  • Unzip bag and flip crust onto pie plate
  • Slowly peel bag away from crust
  • Cleans with warm soapy water
  • Order with #1-rated gfJules Flour for convenient 1-package delivery

Making pie crusts, made simple!

Word is getting around of how amazing gluten free pie crusts are with gfJules miracle all purpose flour. Soft, pliable, undeniably tasty! But some people are still daunted by the task of rolling out the perfectly shaped crust, then lifting it into the pie plate. Same for a second crust on pies with a top crust.

This pie crust bag, that Jules has used and demonstrated for years, makes all of the above simple. Just put your dough in the pre-floured bag, zip it up, and begin rolling. The food-grade plastic keeps the dough from sticking to your rolling pin! Once you’ve rolled out the crust to your desired dimension, unzip, and you’re ready for the lift!

The Pie Crust Bag Helps Make Transferring Your Crust Easy, Too!

Simply unzip the bag, slide a hand under the bag and flip the bag over to on top of the pie plate you’ll be baking your pie in. Then slowly peel away the bag, leaving the crust in place, and ready to be filled with your yummy filling!

Repeat the steps above if your pie has a top crust. You’ll get the hang of it! Use the pie crust bag Jules herself uses. It makes rolling out and transferring your pie crusts simple as … you know!

Click this link to watch Jules rolling out her famous gluten-free pie crust in a Pie Crust Bag.

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