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Instant Read Thermometer for Bread
Instant Read Thermometer for Bread
Instant Read Thermometer for Bread
Instant Read Thermometer for Bread
Instant Read Thermometer for Bread
Instant Read Thermometer for Bread
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Instant Read Thermometer for Bread



Know Exactly When it’s Done

  • Stainless steel; 1-inch easy-read dial
  • Insert near end of baking time; read in seconds
  • Simply wipe to clean
  • Durable plastic sheath with clip to secure to apron
  • Include with Flour or Bread Mix order for convenient delivery

No More Bread Baking Guesswork!

In almost everything Jules writes about baking bread, and certainly in all of her bread-baking classes, she explains the importance of this seemingly simple addition to your oven-side drawer. How else, she asks, can you be certain that your gluten free bread has baked completely through? You don’t want to find out that your bread wasn’t completely baked when you slice into it at the dinner table, right?

Know in Seconds with This Thermometer

It doesn’t take long to determine if it’s time to remove the bread from the oven. If it you need to add a few minutes to the breadmaker. Rule of Thumb: your bread needs to be between 205 – 210 degrees before it’s finished. How’s that for simple?

Quick Tip: insert the bread-baking thermometer all the way to the bottom of the bread pan, then pull it back a half inch or so. Letting it touch the pan itself will give you a hotter reading than the temperature of the bread itself.

That’s about as complicated as gluten free bread baking gets! Remember, when you use gfJules Bread Mix or gfJules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, you’ve started with the best ingredients. Then follow the simple directions Jules give you. Then, just be patient: the bread you’ve longed for is a short time away. But before you jump the gun, take its temperature with this bread baking thermometer to be sure. You’re surely be happy you did, when you’re greeted with the aroma and amazing taste of gluten free bread made with gfJules ingredients.

Instant Read Thermometer for Bread


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