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  • Pie Crust Shields
  • Pie Crust Shields

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5-Piece Pie Crust Shields

Preserve your perfectly cooked crust with these shields, that protect them for the rest of the bake time.

  • 5 pieces cover entire outside edge of crust
  • put in place when crust meets your liking
  • easy clean up; perfect for gluten free pie
  • include in your gfJules order for single-shipment convenience

Protect your pie crust with the same shields Jules uses

Just because Jules has shown you how easy it really is to make a delicious gluten free pie with gfJules™ Gluten Free Flour doesn’t mean you want to take any chances, right?

This 5-piece pie crust shield lets you control exactly how long the all-important pie crust cooks. Some people like it a bit chewy, some like a golden-brown, crispy-crunchy crust. These pie crust shields keep you in charge.

When your crust edge meets your likeness, just slide out the oven rack and place these shields around the edge. Pop the pie back in for the rest of the bake time, knowing that the rest of your pie will bake to its perfect time, while leaving your yummy crust JUST the way you like it.

Why Pie Crust Shields are Better

You might have seen silicon pie crust rings out there. Their only drawback is that they’re a pre-determined circumference. Because there are five of these shields, you simply overlap them to cover the exact size of your pie. AND, they tend to be a bit easier to remove than a whole circle of silicon. That’s why Jules trusts her epic gluten free pies to these unassuming, but very effective pie crust shields. Don’t bake without ’em! Include them in your gfJules order, and get the flour and accessories you need to make a perfect gluten free pie in one convenience package–delivered right to your door!

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